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Vinita Hampton Wright grew up in rural Kansas, and attended Pittsburg (KS) State University, where she received a Bachelor's degree in Music Education. She taught school (music teacher) in Ajloun, Jordan; El Dorado Springs, MO, and various Jordanian towns from 1982 to 1988.

Vinita received a Master's Degree in Print Communications from Wheaton College in 1992. She began her editing career at Harold Shaw Publishers in 1991, then moved to Tyndale House and then to Loyola Press, wher she currently works part-time as a book editor.

Her first novel, Grace at Bender Springs, was published in 1999, followed a year later by Velma Still Cooks in Leeway. Her third full-length novel, Dwelling Places, was published in March of 2006. She is currently working on a fourth novel.

She has been conducting the workshop The Soul Tells a Story for six years across the country. The workshop explores the creative process and how it interacts with spiritual formation.

Vinita's nonfiction works include Simple Acts of Moving Forward, The Soul Tells a Story, and A Catalogue of Angels. Her most recent book is Days of Deepening Friendship: For the Woman Who Wants Authentic Life with God, which is now available through and the usual vendors.


cooking., various forms of writing, walking around the city, watching films of all sorts, reading (of course)