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May 08, 2009



Thank you for you words today. They have certainly brought new life to me today!

Mike Hayes

Hi, I'm Nedra and I'm also childless (so far) after almost 12 years of marriage. I really appreciate your article. Every year about this time I want to run. I usually end up visiting other congregations, where I can be a semi-stranger, and where when folks wish me a happy mother's day, I don't get offended because I know they don't know that I'm not a mother. May God bless you in all you do. Thank you again for writing this.

Thank you so much for this, Vinita. I really needed it this weekend. Hugs from Minneapolis.

I am a mother, and I do applaud your beautiful words. My own mother ended up being a mother, but suffered six miscarriages in her life (and nearly lost me - and her life - when I was born very prematurely, at home to boot.)

Don't forget the heartbreak of women who are mothers and who have lost a child or even several children. Mother's Day must be a real ordeal for them too.

I hope to visit again in the future

Vinita, I shared your words with our church community this weekend. It hit the hearts of many and I am going to pass them along to several whom I know were not there (on purpose) that morning. Thank you for your honesty and authenticity and for speaking to the hearts of so many who feel silence from their church communities.

Thank you for your beautiful words. I love the image of being pregnant with life, and for love and grace to emerge from my life in God's timing. I've beaten myself up for years because I'm not in the "mom" camp but neither can I honestly play the infertility card. We just married late and never did enough to make it happen I guess. Somehow I've allowed that to define me as less than. So just to read your words to all women, regardless of reason or circumstance, was a gift today. Blessings back to you.

For those who may need support before and after Mother's Day, please visit our site.. www.ChildlessNotbyChoice.com
Where you ARE understood and not alone!

Thank you for expressing this. Thank you for giving words to those of us who speak in places where we can use this and use the right words. Thank you for affirming that while the world we live in may seem to affirm mothers and motherhood, that women without children have life and lots of it to give.

I too have skipped church on Mother's Day. Unable to stand while all others in my age and peer group did, and not quite sure if I should take the flower or chocolate offered after the service - knowing I was not a real mom.

After nineteen years of marriage, God laughed and smiled.. we gave birth to a beautiful daughter.

And, while I don't skip church (intentionally) on Mother's Day, I cannot forget the feelings. I thank you for expressing them, and for helping those who have never walked in these shoes understand just a little

Thank you for sharing this..I'm reading it as Mother's Day 2010 approaches. As a woman who has always felt "less than" because I have no children, I felt peaceful and calm reading this.

I love the phrase, "..you are indeed a source of life to the world. You possess the ability to nurture others, and if you free yourself to do so, you will be amazed at how fertile you actually are."

Bless you.

My heart is both full and breaking while reading this. Tomorrow is mother's day, 2010 and I have lost two pregnancies since last mother's day (when I was pregnant). Your words provide enormous comfort and inspiration. thank you so much for sharing this.

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