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August 03, 2009


This is a great post. Sometimes I wonder if life doesn't force this lesson upon us, somewhere around those middle years of life, when much energy has been spent chasing "product." At least that seems to be true for me. I remember reading The Soul Tells A Story and finally feeling like someone was giving me permission to just breathe. To learn to enjoy the mess of words on the page and trust that something would come together in time, if I was patient. I still stress about "product" all too often but more and more, I am learning to enjoy, and trust, the process and I feel like I am becoming more whole as a result.

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      This is my husband's site. As a professional photographer he's done all kinds of work, but I really enjoy the images he's capturing these days. Order cards or prints from him.

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    • PBS Masterpiece series Cranford
      This is my new (well, new to me) favorite miniseries. Lovely, funny, heartbreaking. Made to go with a pot of strong tea and hankies with lace.
    • Rambling Rose
      I don't think there was much buzz about this 1991 movie, but I like it so much I own a copy. There's so much grace in this story, and Diane Ladd delivers one of my favorite movie speeches of all time, toward the end of the film (she and Robert Duvall, her husband, are in the doctor's office).
    • Mystical Hope: Trusting in the Mercy of God
      This is a short, readable, and powerful book. I'm on my way to read Bourgeault's other works. This one encouraged me and gave me a boost of desire for that quiet place with God.
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