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October 02, 2009


I wrote about twenty note cards of new material during parent teacher conferences yesterday. Some of the best ideas I've had in months. I think I write to survive.

Atta girl! It's amazing what can happen when we are too tired, busy, distracted, etc. to defeat our own creativity! Blessings upon your flurrious days1

I'm wondering if you would consider answering a question here on your blog. Knowing you're an editor, how do you navigate between a focus which requires technical prowess and your creative side? I've been working on a prayer book (a breviary of sorts) for our church over the past 4 months - writing parts, and mostly editing and coordinating the publishing of it. It's been a great experience overall. But, while I am passionate about editing, I feel like my creativity has about dried up and it's freaking me out! I'm about to take a leap into full-time freelance editing and yet I don't want to lose my creative outlet. Maybe I'm just too much of a one-track mind.

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